"It's about time we start talking about this stuff! Dave has dug up some uncomfortable issues and ties in the refreshment of the truth of scripture. This book is a nice tool in navigating many landscapes of the production world through the lens of the bible."

Ryan Lampa

FOH for Toby Mac

"Sound In The Gospel is a much needed book in today's world of production engineering. The heart is addressed extremely well in this book. A fantastic outline of where we should strive to be spiritually and mentally as engineers. This is extremely close to my heart."

Tim Spidel

FOH for Plumb & Rush of Fools

Who is the book for?

Anyone that serves as a tech at church,

 a burned-out volunteer, seasoned techs,

or the entire worship team!


What is in the book?

Part I: A guide to help techs recognize and deal with common heart issues and difficulties while serving the church. It outlines practical steps to combat burnout and joyfully serve the church again.


Part II: A technical primer on the basics of

gain structure, equalization and mixing. A glossary is included to help even inexperienced techs navigate these concepts.

"Technical and musical knowledge MUST be paired with a Gospel mentality"

Read the Introduction to

Sound in the Gospel!

Sound in the Gospel was started from a growing desire to see our church sound engineers develop a Gospel mindset alongside their technical skills. The pressures that are put on them are tremendous and can result in the most quickly burned out volunteer position in the church. With little support, relief, affirmation or encouragement, they are asked, more often than not, to fill the position EVERY. SINGLE. SUNDAY. Having a technical understanding simply isn’t enough. Their interaction with the body sets a tone for the worship team, pastors and other volunteers. This one position can become a cancer to the entire body, if negativity goes unchecked. Technical and musical knowledge MUST be paired with a Gospel mentality if anything is going to change. And it all starts in one place.


If I could tell you just one thing about sound, it would be that it’s all about GAIN structure. It's the foundation of every sound system and every mix. It's going to affect every frequency and determine how you handle most any situation that might arise. While we’re certainly not trying to over spiritualize this, there is a correlation in scripture that mirrors GAIN Structure with the condition of our own hearts. If our hearts are not fixed properly in the Gospel, then our lives become a big noisy mess. Where we set our hearts is just as important to running sound as how technically proficient we are. That’s why GAIN is so significant. It’s all about our heart, our foundation and where we put our trust.


This seminar walks through many of the heart issues that we as sound engineers deal with each weekend. Your volunteers will grasp a clearer understanding of what it looks like to make disciples and serve with a Gospel mindset. We even offer Skype Seminars!



We can offer unique, hands-on training and coaching sessions for every level of sound tech. We can tailor training to the specific needs of your ministry. This is also available over Skype!



Let us come in and get your sound system up to speed. We’ll tune, tweak, re-patch and reconfigure until you’re back to a firm foundation so you can celebrate in worship and present the Gospel clearly.



We’d love to walk with you as you think through any upgrades. We can review quotes and equipment pricing to help you find the best fit for your budget. We’ll give you the best recommendation we can in light of the Gospel. When possible, we'll refer you to one of our trusted local production companies. Phone and Email consultation is always Free!

excerpts from Sound in the Gospel

Magic" Dave Wright has been working in sound production for over fourteen years. He began his journey studying under sound guru Paul Rice and has had the privilege of working with many talented sound engineers and musicians. When he's not working his mojo on sound systems, he spends his time battling Sectoids on X-Com and flying RC airplaines. He also loves playing board games with his wife, Bea, and making his 2 cats crazy.


Dave does all seminars and training personally, although occasionally his wife accompanies him as Patch Monkey and moral support.


If you ask him any question, the answer will always be, "42."

About the Author & Founder

“Dave has immense technical knowledge, a passion for the gospel, and a desire to see media teams trained and discipled in both technical and theological knowledge. The training that he supplies sets a foundation for media teams and why the task of a sound person is so critical, but also immensely challenging. The Sound in The Gospel technical training was designed and applied to the direct needs and desires of our team, and our media technicians. I would not hesitate to recommend Dave with Sound in The Gospel to another church or educational media team."


Robert Smith

Manager of Event Media at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Louisville, KY

“Dave has a unique passion for sound that tackles “the technical” with excellence, but more importantly, places the highest value on the discipleship of the people he interacts with. His approach is refreshing and provides much needed instruction for any church production ministry.”


Jason Douglas

Executive Pastor of Weekend Services at The Summit Church  Raleigh, NC

“I have had the privilege of working with Dave Wright for a few years now. Dave works with the utmost professionalism, patience, and skill at events to truly serve the band or performers on stage. His sound checks are efficient and his live ear is excellent, focused, and trustworthy. Every event I have been a part of sounds killer when Dave is running the board. He is personable, knowledgeable, and a joy to work with, no matter the venue. He has my full endorsement.”


Hank Murphy

Worship Leader at The Summit Church

Raleigh, NC

"If your ministry is in the rut of monotony, or if it is in stuck in paralyzing idealism, Dave is a voice of reason, encouragement, and most of all, a voice of vision… relentlessly calling us to zoom out, take a deep breath, and remember Who worship is really all about." (excerpt from the Forward of Sound in the Gospel)


Matt Papa

Recording Artist, Author of Look and Live

“Dave came into our church and showed us how to set our EQ for each of our channels. We knew some basic stuff with it, but having someone from the outside come in and show us, made a world of difference in our worship services each week. When Dave presented the Sound in the Gospel seminar to us, it showed us that what we do each week has a purpose. We as sound techs, along with the worship leaders, paint the picture of Jesus to the congregation. This puts our weekly duties in check!”


Jeff Hudler

Rich Fork Baptist Church Thomasville, NC

Sound engineers can make or break what happens at our weekend services. As a former worship leader, I know very well how important they are to the ‘success’ of your worship team.  Unfortunately they are looked at to perform a specific function in a church and little thought is given to them concerning the “ministry of sound”. For too long we have treated them as a ‘production role’ as opposed to individuals who are partnered together with other staff/volunteers for the advancement of the Gospel.     The scriptural basis of Sound in the Gospel for people serving in this area is outstanding and challenges individuals who serve in this capacity to see themselves as more than just a “technical” person but as a participant in the mission of the church.


David Harrell

Pastor at New Covenant Church

Greenwood, SC

“Dave Wright with Sound in the Gospel helped our church worship services tremendously. Even though he played a background role, the entire church was affected because of his expertise. He was able to take the resources that our church had and steward them for the needs of our ministry. Dave is not just a techie-guru, but he cares about people and the Gospel, so that everything he does is “as unto the Lord.” Dave is a real leader in thinking through the technical aspects of worship with a ministry mindset.”


Jared Dragoun

Leader and Pastor at NoHo Church – North Hollywood, CA (former Worship Pastor at Cornerstone Church

Simi Valley, CA)

“We brought in Dave with Sound in the Gospel to be our FOH for our student weekend at church with leaders such as Matt Papa and Leeland. Not only did he run well for them, he also taught us in the process. Immediately following the conference, Dave held a workshop for our audio guys. What a blessing it is to have someone teach your team of audio techs from a Biblical world view and explain their job in light of the Gospel. He hits the heart of the matter before training in the practical. Needless to say, I would highly recommned bringing Sound in the Gospel into your church, you will not regret it!”


Josh Sanders

Worship Pastor at Tri-Cities Baptist Church

Gray, TN

“Dave is one of the first sound engineers that was as much concerned about the ministry as he was the sound. The ministry is what drives his detail driven quality down to the smallest of frequencies. It’s not “camp good” or “good enough” with Dave. he gets it right. He is the best engineer I have encountered in 5 years of working with sound guys. He can hear every frequency of sound I think. He also knows what to listen for and what EQ needs to be adjusted to get the best sound for the environment. Good sound is in the details of the EQ. He even took time to sit with our staff and give advice and his thoughts on sound and ministry. That was a first! I would recommend Dave above any other sound engineer around. I am still telling people of “that one sound guy” who really cared about the gospel being presented and he lived it as well.”


Rod Cordsen

Director of Development and Church Relations at Highland Lake Camp

Spicewood, Texas

“Dave did an outstanding job with the sound training. God has really equipped and gifted him to serve the church this way. I love that it’s not just teaching people the mechanics of sound engineering. Dave really cares about speaking to people’s hearts. We used the Skype training as we could not afford to bring him to LA. But we got to experience the “real magic” of Dave Wright.”


Matt Moore

Pastor at Living Stones Church – Los Angeles, CA (former Pastor at Cornerstone South LA)

Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for being an obedient follower of Christ and for your encouragement over a year ago when you came to Pineville, LA!! That short period of time was truly a blessing for me in regards to being “Sound in the Gospel”.



Friend of SitG

“For our sound team and band we were at a plateau and stagnate situation. It seemed the life, excitement and joy had been expelled. At the right time I came across Sound in the Gospel and it was exactly what we needed and desired. We needed to hear the Gospel as it applied to our sound team to confront our sin, how to exalt Jesus Christ as a sound tech and then how to replicate and disciple. There was so much wrapped up in that seminar that has changed us. Then the encouragement by the thorough resetting of our sound system and the personal sound training on the basics which we were lacking. We are very grateful and thankful for this ministry. We no longer turn knobs blindly.”


Ben Roberts

Friendship Baptist Church – Statesboro, GA

“Wow!!!!! What can I say….. I can’t even put into words what Dave Wright and Sound In The Gospel has done for our team. Dave is such a blessing to the Church. Not only can he restore your sound system, he can also restore the mindset of your worship team and volunteers through Biblical truth! Our front of house sound and monitors have never been better. We are all playing with more confidence and our volunteers actually understand how things work and affect a mix. Dave, thank you so much!!! Our hearts and our gear are forever changed through our time with you.”


Ryan Williamson

Bridge Community Church Waycross, GA


“SITG has been an indispensable partner to SWO in ministry. As with most ministries we felt like we were doing as well as we could running our sound, but we always knew that it could be better. Sound in the Gospel came in and helped us get the most out of the system we had and tuned it so that it is now way better than before. But better than that, Dave’s love of the Lord and desire for everything we do to be “gospel-focused” was a needed challenge to the way that we run the AV aspect of the ministry. He brings a unique gift set that both incorporates the expertise of an artist with the theology of a minister. We are so thankful that we have been able to partner with SITG, and hope to collaborate more in the future.”


Zach Mabry

Program Director at Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters and Camp Andrews, NC

"The Apostle Paul tells us that faith comes by hearing. Sound, then, is an essential part of communication. And when the sound is distorted, so also might the gospel be unclear. The task of the sound engineer, then, is more than twisting knobs and flipping switches. It is deeply rooted in an understanding of the gravity of communicating the truth of God. As Dave Wright deftly and theologically points out, the sound engineer's work is an opportunity for the gospel to advance, not only in a congregation or an event, but also within him or herself."


Micheal Kelly

Author, Speaker, Director of Groups Ministry's at LifeWay

The SitG Weekend Package


*Plus Travel and Meals

Let us come hang out with you for a weekend!


  • Friday: Sound System Restoration.
  • Saturday: Seminar and Training.
  • Sunday: Mix coaching your team.

Sound in the Gospel Seminar


*Plus Travel and Meals



Bring us in for a day

for the Sound in the Gospel Seminar

and abbreviated Training.


SitG Skype Seminar


In an effort to equip churches everywhere, we now offer a more concise version of the SitG Seminar over Skype. We can tailor our discussion to the specific needs of your ministry.

Whats included?

  • 2hr SitG Seminar
  • Hands on Training
  • Restoration Services
  • Coaching Services
  • Q&A Time

Whats included?

  • 2 hr SitG Seminar
  • Hands on Training
  • Q&A Time

Whats included?

  • 1hr - 2hr SitG Seminar
  • Training and Coaching
  • Q&A Time

Sound System Restoration


*Plus Travel and Meals


Let SitG come and tune your sound system, organize and revamp your gear, or install new equipment.

FOH Services


*Plus Travel and Meals



Bring us in for a day

for the Sound in the Gospel Seminar

and abbreviated Training.


Whats included?

  • System Tuning
  • New Gear Installation
  • Reconfiguration and Optimization

Whats included?

  • Special Event Mixing
  • Monitor Mixing
  • Live Recording

We'll always try to work within your budget. Just ask!

Sound in the Gospel Book

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Great Church Sound

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“I couldn’t recommend this book highly enough...

Dave is a voice of reason, encouragement,

and most of all, a voice of vision…”


From the forward by Matt Papa

Recording Artist, Author of Look & Live



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